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Why You Should Use Extra Resources

Out with the OLD and in with the NEW!

This is what a good teacher should be aware of.

In today's classroom, lecture style learning doesn't work anymore. 

Students live in a digital age and as teachers we need to embrace that!

From experience, TEFLOpportunity knows that learning in today's classroom happens through GAMES!

Teachers have a plethora of digital resources that be printed, projected, played and analysed to make their lessons fun and engaging.

TEFLOpportunity has taken the time to bring you some of the best resources from around the internet for you to use for FREE!!

Stop wasting your time with old textbooks and outdated methods!

Join the teaching revolution and make learning FUN!

Teacher Resources

ESL Videos

Videos are great for visual and auditory learners. They can be interactive and fun for the students and it helps to engage the whole class. From songs to dances, vocabulary lessons and grammar games, you can find all the best ESL videos right here all for FREE!

ESL Games

Teaching English by using games is a teacher's best friend and a student's greatest motivator. Games help to motivate students to engage in an activity. They are great for kinaesthetic learners, auditory learners and visual learners. Make your classroom fun!


How do you control a group of energetic students in one classroom? Well, that's easy. Use a system to entice them to follow the rules and engage. You can use these classroom management techniques to boost engagement and help reinforce positive behaviour.


World ESL Comparison Chart

Courtesy of International TEFL Academy, this world ESL comparison chart offers advice on the TEFL job market around the world. From requirements to average salary and possible savings, the International TEFL Academy World Country Chart has it all.

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