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The Benefits Of Teaching English Abroad

The average ESL teacher can earn anything from $1400 to $4000 a month. Depending on the country you are teaching or living in, there is a high chance you can save up to 50% of you monthly salary and still live comfortably after expenses have been paid. This gives teachers the chance to not have to worry about income while teaching abroad.

There is a saying, "Once you get bitten by the travel bug it's hard to stop!" This is true for every ESL teacher. The opportunity to travel to various countries is attractive for everyone. So why not get paid to do it? You can meet amazing people and live in beautiful cities or remote villages. With so many public holidays and annual leave, you'll be flying everywhere!

Once you start teaching, you begin to learn that learning never stops. Your TEFL certificate is an example. However, once you get into class you learn more about local culture and the people as well as the subject your are teaching. Many companies have specialised trainings for teachers to improve their skills and create their own materials or resources for development.

Networking and connections. This is vital for all ESL teachers as that's where best practices are shared and teacher meet-ups and events are shared. Not only that, but if you are an aspiring entrepreneur, then networking and foreign connections are vitally important. Through teaching ESL you will have open door access to meet some incredible people.


Teach In China

Want to teach in one of the oldest civilisations in the world?

Teach in China and develop your ESL career with companies that provide quality education and excellent staff support!

Learn Mandarin, eat real Sichuan food and make many new friends in China!

Teach In Vietnam

Have you ever dreamed of traveling in South East Asia? Vietnam has vacancies for ESL/TEFL teachers in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

Travel this beautiful country, eat real Pho, meet amazing people and develop your teaching career!

Online TEFL Jobs

Want to work from home?

Want to set your own schedule?

Be free to work when you want?

Online teachers are becoming more in demand as technology takes over the classroom.

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