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Choose from a variety of TEFL Certificates to suit your needs.

Why Do You Need A TEFL Certificate?

Gain the skills and knowledge needed to teach quality English lessons. You will learn teaching methodology, lesson planning, classroom management, young-learner english teaching and adult english teaching methods and much much more.

Your TEFL certificate now qualifies you to work in schools around the world teaching English. This is a necessary requirement for many countries and schools and having a TEFL certificate will ensure you get hired in your dream teaching job around the world.

With A TEFL Certificate qualification, you are eligible to earn higher salaries in different schools around the world. The better your TEFL certificate, the more money you can earn. A CELTA or 470 Hour Online certificate will be much better than anything under 100 hours.

Online TEFL Courses

Study from anywhere, anytime while receiving all the tutor support you want.

Get TEFL Certified online and be 100% ready to take on your first class teaching abroad.

These online certificates are perfect if you want to study part-time in the comfort of your own home.


Combined TEFL Courses

Online & In-Class TEFL Courses are for anyone who wants the freedom of online learning, but also have the opportunity for in-class practice with peers and experienced ESL teachers!

These classes are great if you want the flexibility of online courses and also getting practical experience.

In-Class TEFL Courses

These are full-time intensive TEFL courses for anyone who wants to get their TEFL quickly and with as much support and practice as possible.

In-Class TEFL Courses are great if you enjoy working with others and enjoy the classroom routine.

TEFL Internships & Scholarships

Choose from various locations to do a TEFL Scholarship where you study and practice your TEFL course in a country of your choice.

Or get paid to teach English with these TEFL Internships to gain expert experience and expand your career.