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Welcome to TEFLOpportunity's collection of teacher materials. Follow the pages below to gain access to a wide range of TEFL / ESL teacher resources ranging from:


  • Classroom Games

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  • Classroom management techniques

  • Extension Activities

TEFLOpportunity has taken the time to research in bringing you the best from around the internet of TEFL materials that can be used both in-class TEFL teaching or Online TEFL teaching.


Fun ESL Games For Class

ESL Games World

ESL Games world is a brilliant website that hosts hundreds of online games to keep you and the students engaged throughout the class. From language skills games, classroom management games, team games, teacher vs students games. You cannot get bored with the excellent games ESL Games World is offering you for free!

Dave's ESL Cafe

Dave's ESL Cafe in famous amongst all ESL teachers around the world. It regularly posts ESL jobs and has thousands of resources and links to helpful materials, and printouts. Dave's ESL is a go to for most ESL teachers, especially when it comes to job search. However, the games he has on his site are excellent and should be used!

Internet TESL Journal

The Internet TESL Journal is a goldmine of ESL games and activities for class. There are pages and pages of games and handouts and activities for teachers to use in class. As an ESL teacher you can literally find anything you need on this website and it provides easy to use and easy to download services as well. This makes searching for new games easy and simple.

Videos To Use In The Classroom

Super Simple Songs

Baby Shark Doo Doo Doodoodoo!! We all know this wonderful kids song that became a world hit! This comes from Super Simple Songs. These songs are designed for kids in kindergarten and primary school. They are fun, interactive, colourful and get the whole class engaged in song and dance. Students can learn intonation and fluency through these video songs.

British Council

World famous British Council have a set of English Learning Videos that will entice any student to want to learn English. These videos are designed to increase the confidence and vocabulary acquisition of a student and help make the classroom more fun and engaging. They have all kinds of songs from Hello Songs to Head Shoulder Knees and Toes and many other classics.

Dream English

Those that have taught ESL in South East Asia will definitely know of Dream English and their interactive videos for students. There are hundreds of videos to choose. From vocabulary songs and phonics songs to chants and fluency building songs. These are great for young students to keep them engaged in class. They can also be used for refocusing techniques, greetings, warmers and much more.

Tools for Classroom Management

Class Dojo

When trying to remember all your 300 students names and their teams and their levels can be quite intense. Luckily Class Dojo has the perfect tracking system for you to use in your class. Students can create their own avatar and you can track and manage all your classes across devices. It's an excellent system that be integrated into schools and language centres.


Prodigy is another student tracking system that helps teachers track and monitor student performance. With Prodigy, you can also play extra games and complete quizzes to help students be more interactive and engaging in class. This helps students performance and teacher reporting becomes digital, which means less time writing reports!

ESL Cafe

And again, ESL Cafe proves to be a wealth of knowledge when it comes to ESL teaching. Here they have a list of management systems that can be used in class. Similar to games, these systems award students based on their behaviour and participation in class. They are designed to be fun and interactive so that students are motivated to participate.

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