Teach English In Vietnam

Earn A High Salary & Travel Every Month

Why Teach In Vietnam?

Earn A High Salary

As an ESL Teacher in Vietnam, you can earn 4 times the cost of living. This means you can spend and still save a lot of money every month.

20 Hour Work Week

Leave your 9-5 job. With only a 20 hour work week, ESL teachers have ample time for exploring and or working on other projects.

Travel The Country

With paid leave, public holidays as well as international holidays, you have so much time to travel Vietnam and surrounding countries.

Meet Amazing People

Vietnam has some of the friendliest and most interesting people. The expat community is also thriving in Vietnam. A chance to make some great friends.


Bachelors Degree

For visa reasons, all teachers must have a bachelors degree. This degree can be in ANY field, but if it's in education then you have a wider choice of schools to work with. From public to international private schools.

TEFL Certificate

A TEFL Certificate is an industry standard. Every teacher teaching English as a foreign language has to have a TEFL certificate or something similar like a CELTA or a TESOL. Anything over 100 Hours is accepted.

Fluent Level Of English

This is the most obvious one. If you want to teach English, you have to have a fluent level of English. Whether this means you are a native speaker or you have learned English and can speak it fluently, you ave to have a great command of the language.

Passion For Teaching

Without passion, one cannot succeed in life. This is true of teachers as well. Teachers have a passion for educating young minds and helping create a better future for all. This passion is shown in their classroom and their interaction with students

Language Link Vacancies

Work in the Land of the Dragon. Language Link Vietnam currently has positions for teachers across Vietnam in language centres and public schools.


ISTA Vietnam Vacancies

ISTA Vietnam will be opening its doors to teachers in the new school year. Stay tuned for more info on this page.

Or email us with any questions you may have!