Teach English In China

Travel Around Asia While Earning Great Cash!

Why Teach In China?

Earn A High Salary

As an ESL Teacher in China, you can earn up to 35 000RMB ($5000) a month. This is way above the cost of living in China so opportunity for saving, traveling and living a comfortable lifestyle is easy.

Paid Holidays

If you work at an International school you get paid winter and summer holidays. This means that while you are on holiday, you still get paid. You can up to 90 holiday days a year! Now that's interesting!

Housing & Flight Allowance

With paid leave, public holidays as well as international holidays, you have so much time to travel China and surrounding countries. There are so many interesting things to see in China!

Learn Chinese

Many schools you work for will offer free Mandarin lessons if you are interested to learn. Learning another language will help you living in another country as well relate to your students even better.


Bachelors Degree

For visa reasons, all teachers must have a bachelors degree. This degree can be in ANY field, but if it's in education then you have a wider choice of schools to work with. From public to international private schools.

TEFL Certificate

A TEFL Certificate is an industry standard. Every teacher teaching English as a foreign language has to have a TEFL certificate or something similar like a CELTA or a TESOL. Anything over 100 Hours is accepted.

Native English Speaker

China has strict rules about who can legally teach English. As of this year, teachers from native speaking countries such as USA/UK/Australia/New Zealand/Canada/South Africa and Ireland can legally teach in China

Passion For Teaching

Without passion, one cannot succeed in life. This is true of teachers as well. Teachers have a passion for educating young minds and helping create a better future for all. This passion is shown in their classroom and their interaction with students

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