What Kick-started This Travel Teaching Lifestyle

As I sit here reflecting on what brought to this point of my life, there are so many decisions that stand out in my memory. Through wanting to find a good job, to wanting to make lots of money and travel the world, there were so many reasons why I left South Africa to start this incredible journey, but I think the main reason came down to something simpler than that. I wanted to do something different. I had this burning desire to not follow the crowd and go from university to a career and a 9-5 job. I wanted to be free.

Throughout my youth I worked in restaurants as a runner, waiter and barman in various places, thus receiving my first taste of employment. I then went to university where a graduated with an Honours Degree in Psychology, all the while working odd jobs as a promotions assistant, a barman and any hustle I could find.

It was in this hustle that I started working for an adventure camp company, where we would run team building and leadership courses all over South Africa. It was through this job that I found a love for educating young minds as well as the freedom that travel and teaching could give a person.

In 2014 I began looking into teaching overseas, and that when I came across TEFL and the ESL industry. I was immediately enthralled by the prospect and signed up for a 120-Hour TEFL Certificate with Bridge TEFL.

I hit the ground running and by June 2014 I landed in Chengdu, China to begin my journey as a travelling teacher. Since then I haven't looked back and do not regret any decision made during the process of landing in China. It was this first step that has led to 5 years of teaching around Asia to finally landing in Vietnam where I currently reside as I write this blog post.

Standing in Tianfu Square in Chengdu, China.

As I think back, I wonder what would have happened if I hadn't taken those first few steps. I probably would have been stuck in some 9-5 job hating my life while looking on Facebook at all my friends traveling the world. Instead I decided to do something about and make the change happen myself.

So if you are interested in making the same change and living the lifestyle of your dreams? If you want to travel the world and teach, then check out my website which helps people like myself, take the first step in becoming a TEFL teacher abroad.

So what are you waiting for people? Get going!! Live the life you want to live because that is the true key to happiness!

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