Live The Lifestyle Of An ESL Teacher.

Updated: Jul 14, 2019

As A TEFL teacher abroad, you can live the lifestyle of your dreams. With so much opportunity to fulfill those dreams, why wouldn't you choose this career? You can:

  • Earn a great salary and save each month

  • Travel to the wildest destinations

  • Learn about new cultures and languages

  • Live a nomadic lifestyle

  • Gain experiences to last forever

  • Meet incredible people

  • Network and develop your career

The list is endless when it comes to what you can do and experience as a TEFL teacher in the ESL industry.

How can I live this awesome lifestyle?

A question often asked by aspiring TEFL teachers is what kind of lifestyle can I live while teaching English abroad?

One of the benefits of teaching English abroad is the competitive salary packages that schools and language centres offer. While the salary package that one receives varies from company to company it is generally well above the cost of living in the country you are working in. For example, in China and the UAE, teachers can get paid anything from $1200 up to $5000 per month.

This again depends on whether you are working in a language centre or international school respectively. However, the cost of living in China is relatively low, only being around $600-$800 per month. This means on average, teachers can save anything from $600- $3000 per month (dependent on salary and location).

Travel, travel and travel some more!

As a TEFL teacher, not only will you be working abroad, but you will have ample opportunity to travel and explore. Many teachers are given contracted paid leave as well as national public holidays. This can only mean one thing....time to travel!!

TEFL teachers can be some of the most experienced travelers in the world. Not only do they explore the country they are living in abroad, but during their ample holiday time they often spend it visiting other countries. 

In Asia, with contracted holidays and public holidays, this can add up to 31 days leave a year. A TEFL teacher can plan their holidays so they can visit at least 3 different countries a year (sometimes more depending on travel plans).

International schools offer the best deals for teachers qualified to work there. Not only do teachers receive contracted days off, but they may also be given paid leave over the summer period. This can amount to anything from 30-90 days off, paid, per year. 

This gives teachers so much opportunity to explore this beautiful world, its unique cultures, stunning landscapes, and meeting incredible people along the way. All while earning a great salary!!

If this doesn't sound like a great deal, I don't know what is....

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