Top 3 Online English Teaching Companies in 2019.

Don't you just wish you could leave your 9-5 job and travel the world? Add some extra income every month for you to save or spend?

Well to be honest, it's quite easy if you put your mind to it.

I have been teaching online for the past year and a half and I have loved every moment of it!

In today's world, everything is moving to the digital realm, even classrooms. That's right, even English teaching classrooms are moving online.

This means that you can teach students from around the world from the comfort of your own home, or hotel room in Spain or Thailand.

Work From Home Or Travel The World, It's Your Choice

When deciding on which online company to apply for, you have to look at some requirements that can affect your choice of which online English teaching company to work for.

Firstly, the most common requirement is a Degree in any field. As many of these online english teaching companies have students from China, regulations state that all teachers have to hold a degree.

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The second requirement is a TEFL Certificate. A standard that most countries accept is minimum 100 hours of teacher training. You can either do an online TEFL course with some teaching practicals as added extra or you can do an in-class TEFL course, which requires you to attend classes with a TEFL trainer with practicals included.

The last requirement, and this depends on the online english teaching company, is that you are proficient in teaching the English language. Some of these companies only take teachers from specific countries.

VIPKid and TwoSigmas for example only accept teachers from the USA, UK, Australia and Canada.

SayABC however, accepts teachers from USA, UK, Canada, South Africa (If you reside outside the country) New Zealand and Australia.

Lets have a look at each of these online English teaching companies in a bit more detail:

1) SayABC

SayABC is a subsidiary of VIPKid with one major difference. You can teach from 1-6 students in a class depending on the program of online learning chosen by the parents.

Requirements for SayABC are as follows:

a) Native Level of English from USA, UK, New Zealand, Canada, Australia and South Africa (if you are living outside the country that is)

b) A Bachelors Degree or in your final year of your bachelors

c) A TEFL Certificate

I, myself, have been working for SayABC since July 2018 and have loved every lesson so far. And I'm not just saying that!

They pay extremely well ($15 per 40min class) and they are very trustworthy when it comes to paying on time.

They also have an excellent tech support system as you teach from their own app based platform with all lessons and plans pre-made for you!

They are constantly introducing new training videos and content for the teachers to constantly grow their teaching skills.

If you are interested in working for SayABC, click here!

2) TwoSigmas

TwoSigmas is a new online English teaching company also based in China teaching to Chinese students. They offer one on classes with the students as well as group classes in partner schools in China.

This means that you might have access to teach full classes to public school students. How exciting!

TwoSigma also pay really well at $15 - $23 per hour depending on your qualifications and experience.

Requirements to work at TwoSigma are a bit more strict than with SayABC:

you will need:

a) A Bachelors Degree

b) A TEFL Certificate

c) A Native Speaker from USA, UK, Canada and Australia only.

TwoSigmas, being an online english teaching company, also offer excellent tech support to their teachers as they also use their own app platform to teach the students.

All lesson plans and materials are prepared for you so teaching becomes a breeze. You can literally open your laptop 10min before your class, log in and begin your online English teaching!

Click here if you are interested in TwoSigmas!

3) VIPKid

VIPKid is a huge online English teaching company that operates out of China. They have thousands of students and hundreds of teachers living all over the world.

Being a well established online English teaching company, their classes operate on open software, so you can log into your classes on any computer anywhere in the world.

This makes them a very sought after online english teaching company to work for.

They offer a pay rate of $8-10 per 25min class which is a great pay rate compared to many other online English teaching companies.

There also are certain requirements to work for VIPKid:

a) A Bachelors Degree

b) A TEFL Certificate

c) A Native English Speaker from USA, UK or Canada only

The reason that VIPKid only takes teachers from those countries is that they marketing specific accent training to their students parents.

All in all they are a great company and if you are interested to work for them click here.


When looking for an online English teaching company to work for, you need to ask yourself 3 easy questions:

1) Do I meet the requirements?

2) When do I want to work?

3) How can I make classes engaging?

If you can answer all these questions with ease, then finding an online English teaching job will be very easy for you.

Just remember that because you are teaching English online, doesn't mean lack of commitment. On the other hand, you have to be truly committed to your classes and your students to make classes fun and engaging so the students always want to come back for more.

If you would like some more information on these online English teaching companies, please check out our TEFL jobs board for more info.

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