How To Get A TEFL Certificate And Teach English Abroad.

Updated: Jul 6, 2019

Everyone dreams of traveling the world. They see their friends on Facebook and Instagram, or see their favourite celebrities and influencers living these dream lifestyles. We all want a piece of that pie.

Well, there is one simple way to start living that lifestyle. Get a TEFL certificate. I myself completed my TEFL Certificate with BridgeTEFL in 2014 and have not regretted a single moment.

There are many questions people ask. What is a TEFL certificate? What jobs can I find? How will it help me apply for those jobs? What requirements do I need? And so the list goes on.

After years of experience teaching ESL around Asia, I am going to give you a quick guide on how to get a TEFL certificate, but first, there is the elephant in the room to discuss, the cost.

When you invest in your education to gain knowledge for the rest of your life, would you get those lessons from someone who has not been successful in what they are teaching you?

Of course not, that is why to get a TEFL certificate that will a) fully prepare you for the ESL classroom and b) be accredited and licensed, then of course you are going to have to invest in yourself to get TEFL Qualified and teach English abroad.

Prices for courses range from $100 (for online courses) to $2500 (for internships and in-class intensives and scholarships).

Saying this now, investing in a well recognised and expert TEFL certificate helped launch my career in the ESL industry. So now, how do you get a TEFL certificate? Well I have broken it down into 6 easy steps.

How To Get A TEFL Certificate

There are 6 easy steps that I have broken down to get a TEFL certificate, so before we get to distracted lets begin.

1. Schedule Time In Your Calendar For The TEFL Course.

This is the time where you decide if you want to do an online TEFL course, (like the 120 Hour TEFL Certificate offered by BridgeTEFL and iTTT) or if you want to do an in-class intensive TEFL course that requires class attendance and practical elements too (such as the Cambridge CELTA, TEFL Internships and iTTT 4-week course)

2. Choose Your TEFL Course Provider.

When selecting a TEFL course provider remember that cheaper doesn't mean it will be better. If you are truly invested in yourself and your education then you should select a TEFL provider that is well recognised and accredited. It should also have a proven track record of success in TEFL qualified teachers. After years of recruiting these 4 providers have stood out from the crowd for offering expert services and quality education: Premier TEFL, BridgeTEFL, International TEFL and TESOL Training and i-to-i TEFL

3. Choose Your TEFL Course

Once you have chosen your TEFL provider, you can now go ahead and choose the TEFL course that suits you best. Whether it be and online TEFL course, or an in-class TEFL course, be sure to choose one that will fulfil your needs and fully prepare you. You could either go for a 120 Hour TEFL Course or you could also do a TEFL Internship

**An insider hack: recruiters will not accept any TEFL certificate under 100 Hours to ensure quality teacher**

4. Apply For The TEFL Course.

You have now chosen the TEFL course you would like to complete, now it is time to apply. Once you have selected the appropriate TEFL course you will then be taken to an application where you will fill in your details.

5. Buy Your TEFL Course After Application.

As soon as you finish your application you will then be taken to a payment form. On this webpage you will then pay for your TEFL Course. Upon payment, you will be given full access to the course materials, personal tutors, tutorial videos ebooks and so much more!

6. Complete Your TEFL Course

Take the time needed to complete your TEFL course. Depending on the course you scheduled, it could take anything from 3 weeks to 6 months. The online course are flexible and can be completed in your time. The in-class course are generally 4 week intensive courses which will require more of your time, but will be completed fairly quickly and will hold more weight than a general TEFL certificate.

Many TEFL providers will offer TEFL jobs placement and assistance once you have completed your TEFL course.

After completing my TEFL certificate in 2014 I have not looked back. Since then I have visited over 24 different countries and have helped dozens of teachers find their dream jobs.

So my question to you is...

....what's stopping you from getting your TEFL certificate today?

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