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BridgeTEFL Online Courses

120-Hour TEFL Certificate

Exceed TEFL job requirements worldwide and gain confidence in teaching before you have even had your first class.

Study Anytime, Anywhere

Learn skills to help you in any classroom

Get an in-depth understanding of ESL

150 Hour IDELT Certificate

Boost your rank on recruiter lists with this university accredited IDELT TEFL Certificate and gain practical knowledge & skills.

Study Online With Experts For 12 Weeks

Earn University Credits

Access The Best TEFL Jobs


Premier TEFL Online Courses

168-Hour TEFL Certificate

Stand out from the crowd with this 168 Hour TEFL Certificate. Get expert advice and support to help achieve your goals!

Be ready to teach abroad within 6 months

24/7 access

Get expert support and training

290-Hour TEFL Certificate

Gain confidence and teaching skills with this excellent TEFL Course. Get the best TEFL jobs around the world.

Pick your dream TEFL job after the course

Specialized teacher courses included

Be ready to teach abroad within 6 months

i-to-i TEFL / LoveTEFL Online Courses

180-Hour TEFL Certificate

Beat the usual 120-Hour crowd with this dynamic and top quality TEFL certificate designed to give you a leading edge.

Learn skills to teach fun and effective classes

Get expert job advice

Be ready to teach abroad within 6 months

300-Hour TEFL Certificate

Ranked on the same level as a CELTA, this course is highly respected and recognised all over the world.

Work in international schools

Give you expert preparation for teaching

Boost earning and employment potential

iTTT TEFL Online Courses

120-Hour TEFL Certificate

The most popular course for TEFL teachers that give you the skills and tools needed to teach effective classes and get hired.

Work at your own pace

Gain access to expert tutors and support

Worldwide recognised TEFL certificate

470-Hour TEFL Diploma

A TEFL Certificate & a TESOL Diploma in one online course that provides teaching and management training.

Develop your career quickly

Gain lifetime job guidance

Get a broad spectrum of TEFL skills

The TEFL Academy Online Courses

168 Hour Online TEFL Course

This Level 5 TEFL course will fully prepare you teach your first class confidently and enjoyably at the same time. Get the best Online TEFL Training available to you right now.

Beats international standards

24/7 access to the materials

Assisted Job Placement 

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