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ESL Books

We all need books. To help us grow, to help us learn or even to help escape into a fantasy world. TEFLOpportunity has brough tot u=you some very useful IELTS, TOEFL and ESL books to help students learn and guide teachers methodology. Very useful if you want to learn fast!

ESL Gadgets

The world of education is moving digital. This means as teachers we need to keep up with trends and engage our students on their level. Using modern technology in class is a great way to do this. From video projectors to speakers and travel chargers, TEFLOpportunity has found the best for you!

ESL Toys

To keep those classrooms fun and the students engage, many ESL teachers use various toys to make the lessons easier to teach and the students more motivate to learn. There are thousands of toys you can choose to use in your classes. TEFLOpportunity has found of the most common toys used by teachers today to engage and motivate students.