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Gain Practical TEFL Experience Abroad And Get Paid To Teach

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Premier TEFL Internships & Scholarships

Scholarships in Europe

Complete your teaching practical in 1-3 weeks with these great Scholarships to leave you ready to teach any class.

Get a TEFL certificate & teaching practice

Choose from 5 different countries

Get expert support and training

Paid Internships Abroad

Become a TEFL expert and teach like a pro after Premier TEFL Paid Internships abroad. 

Do your TEFL in a country of your choice.

Get paid to teach and travel.

Meet new people and new cultures.


i-to-i TEFL Paid Internships


Immerse yourself in Vietnamese culture while getting a TEFL certificate and teaching classes.

Earn good money while developing your teaching career and network


With plenty of time to travel and explore China, why not start your internship here?

Get TEFL certified while being placed in teaching centres around China. Meet new friends and grow.


Get TEFL certified in the land of tapas and laid back lifestyles.

Stay in local accommodation while completing a TEFL certificate and get paid to teach at the same time.

i-to-i TEFL Volunteer Programs


Learn about the rich history of Cambodia from the capital of Phnom Penh while teaching in a private school.

The Cambodian volunteer program is perfect for anyone looking to get TEFL qualified and teach abroad at the same time.


Experience a perfect balance of traveling and teaching in Thailand, the land of smiles.

Live with peers while you complete your TEFL certificate and teach English to locals. All the while living a relaxing life.

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