World ESL Country Chart

Courtesy of International TEFL Academy

The Most Informative ESL Chart

What To Look For

Can You Save Money?

One of the great things about being an ESL teacher is the opportunity to save lots of money every month. While some countries like, China, Vietnam and Korea offer great salaries with low cost of living, other countries may be more difficult to save each month. Always check!

Are Flights Paid For?

Most legitimate companies will offer to reimburse your flights over the duration of a contract. This is a show of a company that cares for its employees. Also this will help with your start up costs and you will be able to save this money every month so you can use it to travel or buy that camera you wanted etc.

Do You Have Travel Time?

With paid leave, public holidays as well as international holidays, you have so much time to travel surrounding countries. This is one of the biggest advantages of being an ESL teacher. Always check if the company you want to work for offer legitimate holidays in your contract.

Is Housing Covered?

Housing is on of our primary needs. Most great companies will either offer you their housing option and they will cover the costs, or they will pay you a housing stipend at the end of the month for you to find your own place and they will help pay rent. This is another sign of a great ESL company.

Find Your Favourite Country

Courtesy of International TEFL Academy, TEFLOpportunity is sharing with you, a chart comparing countries across the world that are looking for TEFL teachers.

Gain knowledge on:

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