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With so many different TEFL courses on the web, it can be difficult to find a legitimate and high quality course.

I have created TEFLOpportunity to help you find quality courses that are a perfect fit to your lifestyle and will guarantee you can find a TEFL job abroad.

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Katrina Tsiforos, Teaching In Vietnam

"I really want to thank TEFLOpportunity for helping me get my first job in China. I was given advice on what TEFL Course to do in Beijing and since then I have taught in China, USA and now finally Vietnam! 

Kyle McMahon, Teaching In China

"TEFLOpportunity not only helped me in selecting a great TEFL course with i-to-i TEFL, but also helped me get a job in China and helped my sister get a job in Vietnam. TEFLOpportunity gave us both great advice that made it easier to start teaching English abroad."

Sheldan Nel, Teaching In Vietnam

"After finding a job in Thailand, TEFLOpportunity helped me with personal advice on teaching techniques and methods. From there I was able to work in public schools in Thailand and I am now teaching ESL in Vietnam. I would definitely recommend TEFLOpportunity for anyone looking to get into teaching English abroad".

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Gianluigi Nicolosi

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"After years of working with some major English teaching companies such as; EF English First and Language Link.

I am offering you expert advice on; Which TEFL Providers Have Excellent Courses, How To Apply For A TEFL Certificate and Teaching English Abroad"

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